Mountain View Eco Farm(MVEF)

It is vital that Nepal learns about, and commits to, organic farming as a route to sustainable and healthy food production for the future. We have established an organic (eco) farm close to an urban population as an educational and training center: Mountain View Eco Farm (MVEF).

Partners support

1. SADP-Nepal : Sustainable Agriculture Development Program (SADP) Nepal provides technical support for MVEF and facilitates linkages and partnerships for the welfare of the farm and projects, programs, and organizational activities. SADP sends volunteers and offers a 6-week internship program hosted at MVEF.

2. Village Volunteers: Village Volunteers is a well-established volunteer program in the U.S. which supports MVEF by sending us volunteers, collecting donations, helping us promote our program internationally, and sharing resources.

3. Fishtail Organic Garden P. Ltd Pokhara: Fishtail Organic Garden P. Ltd. is a successful shop located in the busy tourist section of Pokhara. Fishtail is an outlet for our farm produces and will promote the farm to shoppers as a tourist destination. This shop also helps us to send volunteers and guests.

4. International Friends: Through my years hosting volunteers at SADP and MVEF, I have gained a circle of friends from Australia, Venezuela, Germany, Canada and America who are enthusiastic about my dream and are working to help me. They provide support in fundraising, web design, and written English.

5. International Volunteer Programs: There are hundreds of volunteer programs throughout the world which MVEF networks with to bring visitors to MVEF. Through my work with SADP, I have personal contacts with several of these programs and we enlist their aid and web resources to support our volunteer efforts.

6. Viajestumai :  Viajestumai is a well-established volunteer program in the Spain which supports
MVEF by sending us volunteers, collecting donations, helping us promote our program internationally, and sharing resources.


Target Population

1. Youth. Many young people believe the only path to a good life requires leaving the country for education and work. Organic farming is one way to offer a sustainable lifestyle that benefits our environment and culture, and keeps the best of our young people in our country. MVEF has  partnered with local school districts to host schools groups and involve children in firsthand educational experience to learn where their food comes from and the possibilities of a career in farming.

2. Farmers. There is need and interest among farmers throughout Nepal to transition to
permacultural farming. Teaching courses to show farmers firsthand the crop yield and quality of food grown at MVEF is the best way to help farmers shift away from dependence on chemicals and pesticides that harm both people and the earth.

3. Visitors and volunteers. Tourism brings income to support our project. Foreign visitors and volunteers are invited to live at MVEF and experience traditional Nepalese life, learn about organic farming, and enjoy healthy food at reasonable cost. This exchange of skills and cultures benefits everyone.

4. The Homeless. Once fully established, MVEF will be able to provide a limited number of poor Nepalese with food and shelter in exchange for work.

Nature can provide us everything from a good meal to a satisfying life, and we live in a place that offers us abundant gifts. We have built a beautiful Nepalese farm that nourishes people and inspires them to make choices that benefit themselves, the earth, and our country.

Current Status

1. Farming. 4 ropani (half acre) is thriving with a diversity of seasonal vegetable and fodder growing at all times of the year. Our cow gives milk twice a day, our chickens give eggs, and our bees give honey too! Without chemicals, the fruits and vegetables are safe and especially delicious. We work hard to cycle nutrients and work with nature to reduce pest and disease damage. The farm is in an excellent state to host trainings and invite volunteers from around the world to learn firsthand.

2. Location. MVEF has been established by Begnas Lake, near Pokhara, in the hill region of central Nepal. The hilltop land is currently being rented, but we hope to someday relocate to a land of our own by Rupa Lake. There are five guest rooms, two with attached bathrooms, and a main house for cooking, dining, and the family. Running MVEF takes everyone in the family, even young Siddhartha!

3. Community. An educational centre cannot exist without partnership in local and national networks. We have and continue to cultivate our relationships with schools, volunteer programs, and local and national organizations. Our current partnerships include Sustainable Agriculture Development Program-Nepal (SADP-Nepal), Village Volunteers, Fishtail Organic Garden P. Ltd Pokhara, and more. We are always looking to create new relationships and strengthen the ones we have.

4. Maturation. Like permaculture itself, which uses by-products of one system to nourish the next, MVEF will continually reinvest achievements in order to expand. ADD HOPES?

What people say?

My partner and I came to Mountain View shortly after doing a trek and we had an amazing time! It was a great place to let our bodies recover both physically and mentally after a month in the mountains. The fresh organic food we ate everyday was reinvigorating and the atmosphere was soothing. The experience we had was exactly what we were hoping for to learn a bit more about Nepali culture as well as sustainable farming. We stayed here for 11 days and we are planning to return at the end of November to stay for another week or so before our trip in Nepal ends. Our typical day involved having an early breakfast, doing some farm work through the morning where we learned a lot of interesting things about eco farming, then contributing towards making our lunch, after which we usually went swimming in the lake, or just hanged around and relaxed. There was usually some bit of light farm work in the evening before our delicious dinner. We are extremely grateful to Govinda for his hospitality and we can't wait to return in a few weeks!
Amanda Lee
Grateful for every moment, can't wait to stay again 🙂 If you're looking for a place to stay in Nepal, you found it. MVEF is a one-of-a-kind organic farm, homestay, mother and son farm to fork restaurant, educational center, Ayurvedic healing clinic, hair cut, gym, painting and home improvement apprenticeship, rainwater collection site, Himalayan viewpoint, and overall great time. I spent two months here and learned so much while finding true peace and happiness. No matter what you are looking for in Nepal, the hosts are extremely accommodating and kind. Beyond being hosts, Govinda, Chetana, and Siddhartha take you in as part of the family for full cultural and agricultural immersion. I was able to engage with the local community, teach at a school for a week, visit farms in the area, and spend some time in Pokhara too. Working with the soil and cooking was deeply satisfying and never felt like work at all. Together for the Earth is the motto and you feel connected on so many levels; by staying and volunteering, you are also supporting a greater purpose. If you can stay for any length of time here I highly recommend!
Dylan Rodgers

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